QBO Cleaning is incredibly especially extremely great to work with.

LoveSpirituality Peace

Since I became an Industrial Engineer, I had to learn how to be very organized. I moved to Miami in 2010. I’m originally from Colombia and after I had left, I saw the opportunity to discover a new business that I could use my organization skills acquired. I got interested in learning more about the Cleaning amd Professional Organizer business. I’m a Certified Professional Organizer from IAP Career College, NAPO Residential Organizing Specialist.
Together. Our success is measured by results, the most important being how our clients feel about their experience with us. Always made with love, spirituality and peace.
It is not just a cleaning, it is hours of inspiring work!

Who We Are

QBO Cleaning Cleaning is a family-owned business, Located in South Florida, Miami, committed to excellence. We serve our customers by a variety of cleaning services from Residential, Airbnb, Offices, warehouses, windows to pressure washer and many more.
By remaining committed to excellence and cultivating the habit of seeing our work through our customers’ eyes, QBO Cleaning has become one of the best companies in Miami’s residential services.

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