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Airbnb Cleaning Services, Hallandale, Fl

Beach house in fromt of the most beautiful beaches here in South Florida. We had to install a ground cable throughout and then we have installed Smart switches around the 1900 sq.ft. house in Pompano Beach, Florida. Client was 'extremely happy' with the job. Anoter job made with Love. Spirituality. Peace

Cleaning Services Brickell, Florida

This is a really nice house. Tenants had 1 day to occupied the premisses. We cleaned all the house in 5.5 hours, we had a crew of 3 people. a lo to do! but at the end was worth it. Customer was really happy. Next day his familly star a new life, in a new home where they will have a lot ot memories, and those momeries started with QBO Cleaning Services. Thank you! Love. Spirituality. Peace

Interior and Exterior Cleaning Services, Sunny Isles, Fl

For some people, cleaning a room simply means to tidy things up a little bit and make sure there aren’t any major messes. Unfortunately, many cleaning services treat their job the same way; they only make sure things look good on the surface. At QBO Cleaning Services, we have taken things to a whole new level. With our residential cleaning, we guarantee that your rooms will not just be clean, they will be pristine.