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Video Camera Inspection and Sewer Pipe Cleaning, Biscayne Park, Fl

At first it was seen as an easy task, but after a few minutes with our Ryobi Snake Auge we realized that we need to inspect with our Teslong 4.5" HD Snake Inspection Camera with Light the pipe, so after we viewed what is happening we neeed to cut the pipe 2" from wall. Then we procced to insert the Ryobi Snake Auge into the pipe and voila! we unclogged the pipe, but our work does not stopped yet, we offered to our customer our Hydro Jet Services to clean inside the pipe. Everything was perfect! as new! Love. Spirituality. Peace.

Cleaning Services, Trump Tower, Sunny Isles Florida

Can you see the difference? This is a small project but we did it with some much love. We started with a mix of 1:20 Concrete cleaning Solution. After 30 mins we power washed the complete driveway and we added a chemical that maintain the concrete clean. QBO Cleaning Services taken one more step in cleaning solutions.

Cleaning Services Brickell, Florida

This is a really nice house. Tenants had 1 day to occupied the premisses. We cleaned all the house in 5.5 hours, we had a crew of 3 people. a lo to do! but at the end was worth it. Customer was really happy. Next day his familly star a new life, in a new home where they will have a lot ot memories, and those momeries started with QBO Cleaning Services. Thank you! Love. Spirituality. Peace

Ryobi Tools and Equipment

Since being created in the late ‘90s by college buddies Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, Method has grown into a $100 million business. Their cleaning products are designed to use safe ingredients that reduce harm to the environment, minimizing your negative impact on the Earth.

https://greencitizen.com Method Cleaning Products Review

Music used for our videos

What we listen to is very important, this is a sample of some music, also we used for a video. 'This music is inspiring' said one of our crew members. We are QBO are trying to be happy and joyful. if you want to joint our tema, please contact us to careers@qbocorporation.com